Here is a file index of all the Ashes of Creation Videos I have done for your ease of reference without having to go into a subpage to find them.​ I have included a date with each of them to help with ease of reference about how new the information contained will be.



Nodes - Introduction to Nodes Part I: Up to Level 3 [2019]

This video covers Nodes from Level 0 through Level 2 and discusses the mechanics of what Nodes are, how the world is divided, how Nodes level, how they block out neighboring nodes.  

Nodes - Introduction to Nodes Part II: Nodes Level 3 [2019]

This video covers Nodes at Level 3, all the new mechanics that get introduced: Government, Housing & Citizenship, Sieges, and Node Specific Special Buildings (Unique Buildings).  This does not include the Vassal System which also begins at Level 3.  The Vassal System gets its own video.  Also included in this video is the new Freehold mechanic system.  

Nodes - Introduction to Nodes Part III: The Vassal System [2019]

This video covers the basic introduction to the Vassal System as far as we know it.  It gives some visual examples of how Nodes will operate inside the system, as well as some of the complex political relationships between Nodes both inside the Vassal System as well as along the Regional Castle system.

Nodes - Introduction to Nodes Part IV: Castles [2019]

Castles are an essential part of the Node system, not only because they can influence the individual Nodes, but also because they have three specific military Nodes attached to them.


Nodes - Overall (Original Ashes 101 - Nodes) [2018]

This is the original Ashes 101 - Nodes.  While I've been busy tearing apart this video piece by piece for the new rebooted versions above, there is still some information contained in this video that is not contained in any of my other videos.   


MMORPG Archetypes and Classes [2019]

Ashes of Creation is going to have a unique "class" system where you first pick an Archtype from a list of eight and this determines the role/job you have in the party.  Then you can pick again from the same list to choose your class.  Your secondary pick can be changed, opening up eight classes per character. 



PvP Introduction Part I: Overview [2019]

With all the new information we have about PvP in Ashes of Creation, I've taken the original PvP video and broken it into four parts.  Part I is a 30,000 foot view, the overview, some key terms and explanations.  

PvP Introduction Part II: Corruption [2019]

Corruption is a key part of the PvP inside Ashes of Creation.  Without an understanding of corruption you will never know who you can kill and when, and why this mechanic is designed in such a way to prevent Ashes from being a gank box/murder box.

PvP Introduction Part III: Node Sieges vs Node Wars [2019]

Although Sieges and Wars sound very similar, mechanically they are very different.  In order to understand the differences between these two mechanics I have done this video as a compare and contrast so people know what happens during a siege and what happens during a war.  

PvP Introduction Part IV: Castle Sieges [2019]

Castle Content is primarly Guild Content, and there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to castles.  While this won't be everything, since we don't know everything, it should serve to give you a rough overview of Castle Sieges.   

Overall PvP System [2018]

The goal of Ashes of Creation is to have meaningful PvP and to avoid having a situation where the game turns into a murder box/gank box.  The designers have laid out several PvP activities: Node Sieges, Castle Sieges, Node Wars, Guild Wars, Caravans, ​and Arenas to give people plenty of things to do.  In the event that you just have to murder someone, you aren't prevented from doing so, you will just have to deal with the corruption system.


Housing System [2018]

Housing is going to be a key consideration in Ashes of Creation because only a property owner can become a citizen.  As discussed in the Nodes Part II video, there are a lot of things that open up for citizens.  All three types of housing are discussed in this video. 



Overall Artisan System [2018]

Intrepid Studios has focused on the crafting system from the very beginning of the development of Ashes of Creation.  The artisan system in this game is not added in as an afterthought.  Instead, it is possible to become a power broker in the game without ever engaging in combat.   


Caravan System [2019]

In Ashes of Creation you will not have infinite bags of holding, which means you will not be carrying around 50,000 ore in your backpack.   The amount of gatherables or raw materials you can have on your person is limited.  When it comes to moving bulk materials you will have to utilize the caravan system.   


Battle Royale for Noobs [2018]

Not everyone is good at Battle Royale games.  Some people won't even try at them because they don't want to be seen as bad or bring their team down.  Don't worry about any of that.  The next time the BR mode is up, just do a quick crash course through this video and then jump into game and have fun.   

Intrepid Store Help

How the Store Works [2019]

So, Intrepid is on its third iteration of stores now.  Stadly when you move data around this much, move features, change things, sometimes things get lost.  Since there isn't an instruction manual available, I decided to write at least an overview guide so people can point community members to this for an in-depth explanation.   



29 August Livestream Recap [2019]

After every livestream I try to breakdown the stream and grab all the nuggets of new information contained in them.  This livestream was one of the most fun I've ever had; mainly because I finally stumped Steven.  Granted it was a very in the weeds question but I got him.  It was all in good fun.  

Economic Nodes Blog Review and Analysis [2019]

Blog number two of four in the Know your Nodes series talking about the specific node types, the super powers of the Metropolis and the Unique Buildings.  There are a lot of things in this blog that we have no understanding or knowledge of, but that's a good thing.  It gives us a lot more things to ask Steven the next time he does a Q&A.  

Ashes of Creation Update: No Letters, Mat Let Go, Words Matter [2019]

People think I like being the bad guy.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but when you hear one thing and you dismiss it, you hear a second thing and dismiss, a fifth thing and you dismiss it you become part of the problem.  I don't want to be part of the problem, I want to be part of the solution so I will continue to make sure Intrepid held accountable for their promises.  

Content Creator Interviews - Info Overload

Steven did two other interviews along with mine and it turned into an information overload.  

Steven Sharif Interview with Jahlon

Had a chance to do interview Steven Sharif CEO of Intrepid and Creative Director on Ashes of Creation.  This version has time stamps in it.  A second version available here is the unedited version including the introduction.  

Scientific Nodes Blog Review and Analysis [2019]

Without the other three blogs, I can't work on the rest of the Ashes 101 Node Series, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of information to be had in this blog.  This is almost an Ashes 101, but without the educational confines.   

Creative Director Letter - 34 Days Later [2019]

We got a Creative Director's letter in March filled with a roadmap, expectations, the future, etc.  After a month did they actually deliver?  Or was it all talk?


What makes Ashes of Creation different? [2018]

The MMORPG genre is barren right now.  People are waiting for the "next big thing" to release.  The field of future games is ripe with potential, each one having their own quirks that make them special.  This video will detail out all the things I believe make Ashes of Creation Different.

The next real "Evolution" for Archeage Players [2018]

Everyone who follows my channel knows I am an Archeage fan, in fact Ashes 101 only exists because I started with Archeage 101.  While I personally feel Archeage could be the best game on the market with a little refinement of their business practices, the majority of the player base has either already left or is looking for the next game to go to.  These are all the reasons why I think Archeage players will come to find Ashes of Creation as their new home.   

Naval Content [2018]

We know that Steven Sharif the Creative Director of Ashes of Creation played Archeage and that he enjoyed the Naval Content.  As Archeage does have the best Naval Content, it is a good idea to know the Archeage system because that without a doubt influenced Ashes and the naval system they intend to have.   

Ashes of Creation has not become a BR Game [2018]

Back in October 2018 people were running around thinking that Ashes of Creation had become a BR game and that the MMORPG had been abandoned or made secondary like what Epic Games did with Fortnite.  It got so bad I actually felt I needed to make a video on the topic so that we could have some discussion on the matter.  Turns out, it was only a handful of people making waves.   

An Education on Pyramid Schemes [2018]

I am always, first and foremost an Educator.  While there are certainly enough bits of evidence to make some people wonder about Ashes of Creation and the Referral System, the Ashes of Creation referral system is no different than the Amazon Affliate Program.  If you want to throw shade on someone, then do it, but don't call it something that it isn't.  So since people wanted to run around and use the phrase "Pyramid Scheme" I had no choice but to do an educational video on Pyramid Schemes to help people understand what they really are.


Battle Royale Footage - January 2019

Some combat footage from our last rounds of testing in January 2019.  Watch this one and then watch the October 2018 one and you will see noticeable difference in the progress that they made.  

Battle Royale Footage - October 2018

Some of my early success with the Battle Royale mode.  


Ashes of Jurassic Park [2019]

You bred Raptors?  

Where is Nodes 3?  A Parody Film [2019]

It's all fun and games until someone gets accused of kidnapping.   I was bored and needed to keep busy.  

Nodes 3 - The Unofficial Version [2019]

Intrepid has been taking their time releasing Nodes 3, so I decided to do it for them.  Personally, I think they should have gone with it.  

Jahlon Bot 6.7 [2019]

This is the result of me trying to teach myself some stuff with Filmora.  Everyone can do a highlight reel, so you have to have a little something special to make yours stand out.   This aint it kid, but it is one more thing discovered that doesn't work.