As it stands right now there are going to be five races in Ashes of Creation, with four of those races being comprised of two sub-races, and the final race being a culmination of one of the primary races, corruption infection, and reptilian and mammalian characteristics.

As the chart on the right shows, there are going to be Humans, Elves, Orcs and Dwarves.  Each of the races has seen a little bit of lore explanation, with further bits and pieces leaked slowly by Steven, and a large load of lore that appeared during the 2018 Extra Life for Kids Charity Event.

The fifth race is the race that was unlocked during the Kickstarter - The Tul'nar.  We have been given very little information on the Tul'nar and we are expecting that during Alpha 2, which was previously scheduled for Quarter 3 of 2019, however, we are awaiting a Creative Director's update which will hopefully have some additional information on the timelines.

Commonly asked questions about the Races include:

Is there a loli race?  A fury race?

No, there is no loli race, in fact the goal of Intrepid Studios is to keep that entire concept out of Ashes of Creation.  Additionally, there is no "fury" races, and the CEO and Creative Director has been directly quoted as saying Tul'nar do not equal furries.

Do races affect character stats?


Yes.  The selection of race in conjuction with the selection of class is intended to be a meaningful decision.  Different races will have different stats.

Is anything race locked?  Are certain classes only available to certain races?

No.  There is no class locking based on race or gender.

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