There is a lot of speculation and rumor about how late Intrepid Studios is with Ashes of Creation, what obligations they have missed, what things they have failed on, etc.  In order to help provide an objective view, this list is all the things that have been stated would be delivered as of the 7 March 2019 Creative Director's letter and forward.

This hopefully should help the community better manage their expectations and at the same time hopefully nudge Intrepid into either meeting more of these Weekly Updates or having a sit down with some of the members from the community and realigning the community expectations.


Personally (and this is just my point of view) I think expecting four weekly updates, plus a monthly video, plus a monthly live-stream is too high of a bar of communications.  I would be the first to agree to a change of this expectation, but in cannot be a unilateral decision by Intrepid, it has to be a collaborate effort between the community and Intrepid to have mutually agreed upon expectations.