Archeage 101-Section Thirteen: Vehicles

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One of the very interesting features of Archeage is the sheer number of vehicles that are available in the game.  This is one feature of Archeage that has gotten top reviews, particularly the Naval Combat. As the Video for this is still fairly accurate, I’m going to start with that as a baseline, and then make improvements when I recut the video.




The first vehicle that I want to talk about is the Tanks for Archeage.  In the old days we had three versions of Tanks: Wheeled Mortar (Gilda), Ironclad (Honor), and the Fire Ironclad.  Along the way the Ironclad design got removed from the honor shop and put into the Gilda Shop.


As it is right now if you are going to build a tank, build the Ironclad as it is better than the Wheeled



Why and when would you want a tank?


Tanks are useful for completing the bunker/idol portion of the Guild Dailies.  Where they really shine is during Castle Sieges for taking down walls. They are also useful for popping merchant ships when you steal them.




In the Steampunk world of Ashes of Creation there are Cars.  There are actually two types of cars you have the Race Car Line and the Luxury Car line.


The race car line are two seaters with two slots in the trunk for packs.  This allows you to move a total of four packs in this particular vehicle.


The luxury car line (Rampage) is a four seater with three slots in the trunk for packs.  This allows you to move a total of seven packs. Yes, that means you can load it up with 3 alts and haul 7 packs faster than you can move 10 with a freighter.


Now, I will say that Cars are a very expensive investment.  The race cars are going to require a lot of materials, and truthfully, I would recommend getting a Rampage versus a Race Car, but to each his own.  


The rampage line requires 30 Tier 3 Crafting Mats, for just one component, as well as a lot of other high priced parts.   It still works out to be cheaper to build it, rather than buy it in most cases. Make sure you do an analysis before you commit to either road.


The wrapped Ramage C200 can be acquired via the Golden Token shop for 3 Golden Keys.  


Pack Transports


Pack transports is the term I’ve given to the line of vehicles that starts with Farm Carts and ends with Freighters.  As I already have a pretty good video segment done for these.


What I will talk about briefly in text, is that you can get a Farm Wagon for almost free (not 100% free, but really cheap) from the Blue Salt Brotherhood questline that we talked about during land.  I will be recutting the video footage for that.




In Archeage the best vehicles are the ships.  In fact, the best content is the Naval Content when it

comes to vehicles.  This is going to be just a quick break down of the ships, and again, as the old video is still pretty much relevant I will be using that.


Seaskipper Speedboat


I’m going to start with the speedboat, because it is unique among the boats in that it has no

upgradeable components.  Once you have the Sea Skimmer Speedboat that’s it, how you get it is how it stays.  This boat has a four pack of pack slots in the front, and it holds four people.




Clippers are basically just little sail boats used to maneuver the ocean.  They come in two different varieties. The adventurer’s clipper allows you to mount a cannon on the side of the ship which is used by a gunner.  While this allows you to utilize any type of cannon, you are also restricted to needing a second person. The harpoon clipper allows you to mount a Captain’s Cannon on the front and allows you to fire it while controlling the clipper.  This requires you to do some pretty solid aiming.


Clippers do have some upgradeable options in the form of the cannons, the sail, and the rudder.  The better the sail the faster the boat will go.


Fishing Boats


Fishing boats are another staple of the vehicle fleet, these mainly used to generate gold.  Now, a few changes to the video clip. First, the Merit Fishing Boat no longer exists because merit badges no longer exist.  Secondly, the Moby Drake can be acquired for 1 Golden Key through the Golden Token Shop.


Beyond that fishing boats are much the same.  They do have upgradeable options with a couple of different rudders.


Sirensong Fishing Boat Propellent:  Increases ship speed

Andelph Fishing Boat:   Darts the boat forward rapidly


Merchant Ship


Merchant ships is pretty straight forward.  Upgradeable sails, upgradeable pack storage (lighter and makes the boat faster).


No longer a really popular ship as overseas trade runs aren’t as common, these do come with the inherent risk that if you load up a merchant ship with cargo, just expect it to get stolen.  This is a classic example of never load more into a merchant ship than you can afford to lose


Small Warships


New Ship Component Regrade Chance


Coming in the future we will be having better regrade odds for Ship components.  This will be the new regrade success chart.


Additionally, Shrapnel, Chain Shot, Multippose and High Speed OR High Angle cannons get removed in the same patch.  Most likely the existing cannons will remain but you will not be able to make these four types of cannons anymore.




While the Submarine is not technically a vehicle (it technically summons as a mount) I wanted to

include it with the ships because it does have customizable parts and it works well in the water.


Now there are a couple of different submarines out there.


The best one the Chrome Submarine comes from doing undersea exploration.  It is the faster of the submarines at 6.5 m/s


Next you have the Onyx Submarine, but I’m only going to mention it by name, as it is a pay to win purchased item.


Then the other submarines are all purchased with Gilda Stars and built like normal vehicles.  Now the price for building a submarine is pretty high, and it's not an amazing mount to have, but it is a mandatory item for doing sunken ships.  More on those in that section.

With vehicles covered finished we will now discuss World Boss Rifts.

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