Archeage Unchained 101 - Video Library

Archeage Unchained 101 

Common Questions

Players coming back to Archeage have a lot of questions; mainly about tax certificates, getting farms, getting land, and how the land drop will work.  With the information we have, this video will keep you fully informed.


02:13 - Gearing Starts at Level 1

02:56 - Housing Lock Out (5 October)

03:26 - Tax Certs on Unchained

04:56 - Getting your large farm

06:27 - Korean Labor System

Archeage Unchained Land & Housing

The land and housing system is one of, if not the premiere system in Archeage.  There are so many things you can do with housing, but with the new Patron for everyone system you need to get it fast or it will be gone.  

01:27 - Farms (Acquistion)

03:31 - Jahlon's Recommendation for Land Rush

04:11 - Thatched Farm House = 300 Gilda

05:23 - Nobody is using land?!?

Archeage Unchained Trade Pack System Overview

The trade pack system has changed several times of the last 5 years, from being able to run trade packs anywhere, to having to produce cargo, to certified cargo, and now to unlimited cargo.  This video will catch you up to 5.5.  

00:41 - History of Trade Packs

01:05 - 1.0 Trade System

02:51 - 3.5 Trade System (Circa May/June 2017)

05:45 - Trade Pack System Today

08:15 - Nuts and Bolts of Today's System

Live Stream Recaps

4 October 2019 Live-stream

Khrolan came big with the monologue today, about 10-12 minutes of straight answers for everything people have been wondering: Poppygate, Dailygate, Cash Shop, monetization business model and more.   

20 September 2019 Live-stream

The only major thing that came out of this livestream was the biggest thing in Archeage Unchained:  The launch delay.  Although the news was bad, the good part was the game was delayed for all the right reasons.  

13 September 2019 Live-stream

There was nothing riveting about today's live-stream but the gold mine of information  came from Khrolan's Twitter conversations.  These are all complied for one nice easy reference for you.   

6 September 2019 Live-stream

This live-stream did not contain all the answers we wanted, but we did find out that we will be getting some parts of the Korean Labor system, the plan is to have 2 servers per region and the limit is 3 accounts per player not household. 

30 August 2019 Live-stream

This is the first live-stream done by Gamigo Games in a long time.  This is primarily an introduction to Archeage Unchained and the differences between the Unchained and Legacy business and monetization models.  

Archeage Unchained Class System Overview

The class system has gone through major revamps over the years.  For all the people coming back some of this stuff may be totally foreign.  We have builds that you never would have seen in 1.0


01:05 - Quick Class Facts

02:03 - Skill Points

03:29 - Player Level vs Skill Level

05:19 - Archeage RPS balance

07:08 - Armor Changes

09:31 - Weapon Changes

10:41 - Building a class (Class/Build/Gear Triangle) 18:45 - Classes to Investigate for New Players

Archeage Unchained Keys

One major change that old school Archeage Players won't be familiar with is the locked crates (Copper, Silver, Gold) that drop off mobs and bosses.  In order to open these you need a key.  The production of keys is a drawn out process, but it can be quite profitable and is a possible profession choice for players who are willing to work at it.

Making Gold: Part I (Overview)

Everyone wants to get rich quick, the problem is most people cannot get rich quick.  There are easy ways to make gold in Archeage, there are fast ways to make gold in Archeage, and there are good ways to make gold in Archeage.  Very rarely do you find a method that is all three of these things.