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Forgive the use of the old intro for the moment.  I will get an Archeage Unchained Intro cut as soon as I can.  

Archeage Unchained 101




So here we go for one more ride ladies and gentleman.  It is 8 September 2019 while I’m writing this and wow what an amazing five and a half years its been since we started playing Archeage in North American and Europe.  My name is Jahlon and this will be the sixth time I’m writing a text guide for Archeage and it will be the third time starting up Archeage 101 the Video Series.


I have been playing Archeage since back on NA Alpha in the Spring of 2014.  I’ve watched Archeage grow and evolve from when we used to fight in Hasla for our weapons, when Delphinad gear made you a God among men, and when we paid taxes with gold.  Since then we have seen an enormous amount of changes to the game, including the creation of tax certificates, cargo, and now this No P2W Unchained model that is released on 30 September 2019.


In early 2019 I began rebooting Archeage 101.  Even though videos were only 1.5 years old some of them were outdated.  Even now, inside the same calendar year the Unchained model is going to make some of those videos outdated.  I’m going to do my best to dig through everything, re-create this content, and support the Archeage player base the best I can.  


System of Presentation


As a lot of the Archeage 101 fans already know, my educational background is in Education, so I use a school environment as the style and flavor for my work.  I have heard your feedback over the years and I’ve tried to make this product as engaging as possible, however, I do not want to sacrifice the educational quality of the videos.  I will do my best to make the videos as engaging as possible. Archeage Unchained 101 will follow a three part format:


1:  The website serves as the textbook - here, read, and get really in-depth information

2:  YouTube is a formal lecture series - I will present stuff in an organized manner


3:  Twitch is a casual classroom - you can pop in, ask a question, get an answer and then just chill


My goal is to cover every topic people have questions on.  Obviously this won’t be 100% possible from day one, but as we grow together as an Archeage Unchained community I will do my best to ensure everything gets covered eventually.   


Current Material

While I’m getting Archeage Unchained 101 up and running I highly encourage you to utilize Archeage 101 - 2019 Edition.  Anything with a 2019 Edition thumbnail is current. There are also some concept videos you might want to check out. As I get content updated, I will be sure to swap it out here on the webpage.  I will do my best to annotate pages that are ready, however, with a time crunch going on, I want to provide as much quality content as I can in a short period of time.