Archeage 101 - Section Ten: Mounts & Pets

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Section Ten: Mounts and Pets




When AA first launched, it was built around a concept of normalization for everything, speed on mounts and gliders.  Trion specifically stated that the best items would never be sold in the cash shop. In order to maintain that, they need to ensure that the mounts that came out of the cash shop were no faster than the ones that were available in game.  Unfortunately, Trion broke the agreement to never sell the best stuff in the cash shop with the Best-in-slot pajamas that are only available in the cash shop


Up until a few weeks ago all mounts were the same speed.  No matter where you got your mount from it was going to have a normalized speed of 10.0 m/s on it.   With the introduction of the Lunaris and the Celestar, and a base speed of 11.5 m/s maybe the days of the normalized mounts are over.  I’m not 100% certain this is going to stay this way, we may see Gamigo make a change, however, since they have not done so at this point, and there has been a marketplace update already odds are if they were going to make a change they would have done so already.  

Now, there are a ton of different mounts in the game roughly 75+.  Now, many of these are carbon copies of each other (3-4 different versions of the same mount) with other a slight color variation, or very similar mounts like the Lunaris and the Celestar where only one ability is different.


Now, for the question what is the absolute best mount, if you mean speed wise it is the Andelph Drakora, which is only obtained by finishing the Skywarden Title Achievement.   


After that we have Lunaris and Celestar based on speed.   Beyond that, it really does become a matter of which mounts you prefer, for whatever abilities they have that you want.  


Cosmetic Pets, Assistant Pets, Battle Pets and Powerstone Pets


In Archeage there are four types of Pets: Cosmetic Pets, Assistant Pets, Battle Pets and Powerstone Pets.


The first, Cosmetics Pets, they literally do nothing but follow you around looking funny.   A great example of these would be Grumpy Tree or Drumstick.

Assistant Pets are very rarely used, but they do exist in game.  These pets can be equipped with items such as the Cowbell, Pacifier, Undersea Goggles, Ducky Flippers, and the hook hand that give your character buffs, but since the buffs are so awkward and minor, these pets are mostly shoved in the back of storage chests.

Next up are battle pets. These are the critters that run around and help you kill things.  They have their own health, their own abilities, they can wear armor, they can be healed and sadly they can even die.  These are useful when you are leveling up a new character because they can help speed up the killing and leveling process.  As stated, the only downside to this is they can be killed or die, but luckily they will be available again in four minutes.


Finally, we have the Power Stone pets.   Now, I hate the word Meta. I hate recommending anything because it is the meta. However, PowerStone Pets are really the Meta. Powerstone Pets cannot be targeted and thus cannot be killed.  The first the Kindled Spirit has an ability called Specter Spectacular which increases the owner’s Attack and Healing Power by 10% for 9 seconds.  The other pet the Violet Bloomfang has an ability called Truly Cathletic which reduces all received damage by 30% for 3 seconds.


These two can also wear gear that is acquired for 300 Loyalty.  The head pieces provide

+10 XP Gain, Gold Drop Rate and Loot Drop Rate,

+35 Attack Rate or

+1500 Health for the Owner


and the body piece provides auto-looting of all dropped items in a 40 meter radius.


As it stands right now the Powerstone pets are only from loyalty, however, occasionally they do go on sale for credits.

With Mounts and Battle Pets finished we will now discuss The Title System.

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