Section Eight: Dungeons & Raids

Dungeons and Raids




Unlike other MMORPGs where the best gear is often raid gear, in Archeage the best gear is crafted.  As discussed in the gearing section Dungeons themselves aren’t really worth doing for the gear, with a few notable exceptions discussed in the gearing section.


There are a couple of dungeons you may want to do for the Dream Ring and/or Great Ayanad Earring if you have those quests left to work on, or you want to do the temporary versions.


People used to  run Mistsong Summit and the Heart of Ayanad in order to get lunarite.  It is fairly easy to run Mistsong Normal mode, however these methods no longer provide lunarite.   

Specific Dungeon Guides

Given the introduction of new content in 5.3 I have not yet had a chance to work on the older content dungeon guides.  I will get to these as soon as time allows.   


Dimensional Destroyer


When running any Greater dungeon you can equip an item with Dimensional Destroyer it grants additional skill damage while in Greater Dungeons, Serpentis and Mistsong Summit.  


I have done testing that although this does not appear to show in the stats window, it does increase damage done more than an Hiram Offhand would provide.  This should help lower gear score players continue to do dungeons if they choose to.

Now that dungeons are finished, we will cover Housing and the Blue Salt Brotherhood

New Content in 5.3

The Fall of Hiram City

While I am attempting to get a write-up of the Fall of Hiram City Done, you can find the video for it on the left.

The Noryette Challenge

While I am attempting to get the write-up of teh Noryette Challenge done, you can find the video for it on the left.

Red Dragon

I will be working on the Red Dragon Video as I find time.  

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