AAU 101 - Races and Factions

Archeage Unchained is a faction based game with six possible starting races and three total factions.  Races are faction locked, which means if you choose to play a Nuian, an Elf or Dwarf you will be automatically assigned to the Nuian Faction, and if you decide to play a Harani, a Firran or a Warborn you will be automatically assigned to the Haranyan faction.


The Third faction that exists is the Pirate Faction, players are unable to join the Player Faction at character creation and are only able to join after completing a series of in-game quests.  More on the pirate faction later.




Unlike several other MMORPGs, nothing in Archeage is race locked.  All 6 races have access to all 12 skill trees and all 220 classes. There are some minor advantages and disadvantages to the different races due to the racial bonus they receive.


Nuian Faction




Warrior Architects:  Decreases Construction on Houses and Castles time by 30% for 5 Minutes

Nui’s Blessing: Increases Strength, Spirit, Intelligence, Stamnia, and Agility by 8% for 5 Mins.  Effect gradually decreases.


Lithe Flow:  Increases swim speed by 5% and allows you to hold your breath underwater for 30 more seconds for 5 minutes


Earth Lover:  Increases maximum health for allies mounts within 10m +10% for 5 minutes.  




Summon Juggernaut:  Activates Juggernaut form for 5 mins.

Dwarven Artifice:  Decrease Machine Production Time by 30% for 5 minutes.   

Harani Faction



Jungle Tamers:  Decreases logging and gathering time by 30% for 5 mins.  Resets Recall Timer

Explosives Expertise:  Increases ship or tank Cannon damage by 3% for 5 minutes.    


Catlike Reflexes:  Negates fall damage by 5 minutes. 

Strong Claws:  Increases climbing speed of trees and ladders by 50% and increases move speed while dashing by 10% for 5 minutes.




Ravager:  Activates Ravager mode for 5 minutes.

Brute Strength:  Increases Move Speed by 10% while carrying a trade pack for 5 minutes. 


Faction System


There are a number of events that you can do every day such as Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift, Mistmerrow, Abyssal, Luscas.  You don't actually need to complete them with your faction. You can, just as easily complete these events with your guild, however, usually you’ll end up inviting people from the faction, or joining in with your faction to do them.


Additionally through the Bloodlust and Dominion mechanics you can even kill your own faction with and without penalty.