Archeage 101 2019 Edition - Introduction

My name is Jahlon and I’ve been playing Archeage since NA Alpha back in Spring of 2014.  I’ve seen the game grow and evolve from when we paid taxes with gold and back when Delphinad gear was the best in the game.  Since then, we’ve seen an enormous amount of changes to the game, including changes to trade packs to overseas trade packs, to cargo.   With all of these changes to the game, it is hard for new players to find reliable guides. Even some of my original Archeage 101 videos that are only 1.5 years old are now outdated as the game has evolved so much with major content patches that have organically changed the game.


This is my most recent idea in order to create content that is useful for new players.  The Archeage 101 series is in need of a complete and total revamp. In order to expedite this process, what I’m going to do is map out the entire curriculum for the course if you will, then I’m going to work on each individual episode, with the road map of what has already been talked about in the course, and what is due to be talked about.  In short, I’m taking the idea of calling it a 101 and applying my background in education to make it a true course now, instead of a discombobulated collection of videos.


Am I qualified to be doing this project?  Well, I have a background in Education and I was an official Content Creator for Archeage under Trion Worlds.  I also hosted the Livestream twice and was the go-to guy for the new Community Manager when he took over and had to learn Archeage.  So, I think that makes me qualified, but if not, I guess then it's because I showed up to do this and I don’t think anyone else will.   


Before we jump in I want to let you know I am not going to be covering 100% of topics or even 100% of things inside the topics. Archeage 101 is a beginners guide to the game, and some things just go above and beyond what a new player needs to learn. Of course anything not discussed in this guide we can talk about in my discord, via chat, during my Archeage 101 Live Streams or anywhere else you can find me.     


System of Presentation


The way Archeage 101 is going to be presented is a hybrid blend of a text document and videos.


For people who like videos, you won’t ever need to come to this document (in fact some video viewers may not even know this document exists).  Each video will be self-contained and it won’t require the syllabus at all.


On the other hand, people who like written guides, will find some limited amount of information in writing on this document, and then will be able to click in either to a full video or be taken straight to an individual time stamp for a topic.  Basically anything on this website that is underlined will be a link to something, be it an image, a time stamped video, etc.   I will put the full videos on each page for your ease of access.  

While I am updating the videos, what you will find is the old Archeage 101 Series Videos listed on pages.  I will put these below the key terms as a visual indicator they are the old ones.   



Who to Blame for What

Given that Archeage is a Korean imported game, we face a lot of

problems with getting good, timely information for it. Things may

improve under Gamigo, but under Trion even the producers were

often ill informed about what was going on with the game.  Case in

point is the side video about 4.5 where Muzzy and Khrolan said one

thing about the game only to have those facts get reversed a week later.




Up until the 5.1 Patch there had been no major screw ups with the new publisher Gamigo.  In fact, one of their Community Managers only last 3 days on the job before being fired for an inappropriate comment.   That person certainly got a “fresh start” pretty quick. Unfortunately with the release of 5.1 there has been both a major scandal and a major instance of incompetence with the translations of the patch notes.  I did a video on this topic, and it was carried by Massively Overpowered.  The result was pretty good in that we were able to get the mount nerf overturned and the unicorns returned to 11.5 m/s.  

Even with that being overturned, it has become pretty clear at this point that Gamigo is just as bad as Trion with the monetization and the horrible business practices, but even worse than Trion when it comes to getting the patches completed in an accurate manner and answering support tickets.   

Gamigo is only the North American and European publisher, they don’t make any creative decisions on the game. That is important because when you want to blame someone for something, make sure you are blaming the right person.  If you have issues with the game balance, class balance, armor balance, bugs, glitches, and basically the game or how the game plays that’s XLGames.  If you have issues with billing, cash shop purchases, server connection, lost items, lost Patron time, communication on patches, server uptime, patch notes that’s Gamigo.

Secondly, there is no central database for information.  While the Korean version has some official calculators and databases, there is no counterpart for the NA/EU version, and the versions do have differences.

Resources for Players

In order to help players out, there are a bunch of great fan made sites that you can get a bunch of great information.

Archeage Codex

Archeage Codex is a great multi-purpose site, but the big draw here is the skill calculator.  If you want to play around with builds and see what can combo with what, this is a great place to do it.  They’ve also done a tremendous job of mapping the location of every NPC and mob, as well as keeping loot tables up.  If you are ever looking for a particular item or mob, this is the place to go.



There is a site that looks a lot like Archeage Codex called Archeage Database.  I would recommend against using this site.  First and foremost its not a secure site.  Secondly, it often has Trojans trying to run on your machine.  Finally, its a stolen copy of Archeage Codex from when the two different owners were partners.   Just fair warning.


Archeage Gear Calculator


This is a great site for doing tweaks with gear to see exactly what you are going to end up with.  It is a bit cumbersome to use, but it beats trying to figure stuff out where it costs you gold.

Omnom is a dedicated translator who takes the patch notes for the Korean version of Archeage as posted at Amigo and translates them the best he can into English.  This is a great way for players to see what is coming up in the future so they can properly position themselves for future changes. Always double check what you get from Omnom as the notes aren’t always 100% accurate or current.  Just because something happens in Korea doesn’t mean that is the logical order that NA/EU is going to get them in.